Positive Thinking

FM said “if you can think of something funny to make you smile, you certainly can’t give directions”

Directions are thoughts only – they are a conscious wish to promote the natural order of things in the face of unconscious habits.  They can not be forced or “done” they are like a powerful consistent undercurrent that needs tuning into.

Likewise when one is feeling negative or “down” this is simply an unconscious feeling that has arisen.  It can simply be changed with a choice to tune into the undercurrent of positivity and grace and yes humour!

Fold upwards

When moving down in space all the joints should be free to move.

The habitual reaction is to over tighten by pushing down which causees excess tension in the feet as well as the legs (and back).

Be aware of the soles of the feet and keep undoing/preventing any gripping/tightening working with the head going forwards with the lower legs to counterbalance the back going back – achieving a deep stretch.

Understanding the Spring

When the directions build down the legs and they antagonistically work against the directions up the spine – there is a spring in your core.

The habit energy is for the muscles of the legs to pull the lower spine down through “doing”.  Through conscious awareness you maintain the upward direction through the spine – starting at your sitting bones working upwards.

At the same time the legs are directed forward and away from the back. Note the upper leg bone is not vertical – it falls inwards from the hip joint before resting on the 2 supporting lower leg bones.

This orientation coupled with the antagonistic directions creates a supported sprung core.

See the resource centre for a skeleton app that is very good to navigate through.

Stick Man Drawing – Ankles & Neck

At my CPD yesterday Miriam Wohl (www.miriamwohl.com) drew a stick man drawing which I was struck by and really liked.

I had a go myself to show what we were discussing. The neck and ankles must release together to allow for a new standard of balance – as FM said “one after the other and all together”

Remembering that all the points in between should be allowed to soften with directed knees forward & hips back – the back will then lengthen and widen.

Take a look!



What is “up”?

Up is always an indirect result of directional thinking.

No matter what orientation the body is in “up” is always the same.

Like a bottle of soda – the bubbles always move up away from gravity no matter the bottles orientation.

It is a quality that can be seen and felt if allowed.

Avi Granit CPD Wolverhampton June 2016

The Sequence

The most important word is – Let.

Let the neck be free – this lets the head go forward and up – taking the downward pressure off the spine.

This lets the back lengthen and widen –  three dimensionally – the front the sides the back – the trunk or whole torso – from the sitting bones upwards. 

At the same time directing the legs and arms away from the torso – the whole being expanding.

In summary – the neck frees then the directions move from the base of the spine outwards.

Avi Granit CPD Wolverhampton June 2016

Misdirected energy

Direction = Consciously redirecting misdirected energy and/or allowing energy to flow

Nothing is created or destroyed – it is either held back or misdirected.

Learning FM’s directions are about allowing everything to move again and slowly encouraging a more constructive, accurate and aligned expression of that energy.

Inhibition & Direction together

Inhibition is about paying attention to the moment and not succumbing to the automatic reaction – it is.not about repressing stopping or holding back the energy.

Direction is then about consciously knowing where/how this energy should flow.

This is repeated many times – I liken it to herding sheep! – it can only be done slowly slowly and with a delicate guiding motivation and keen continuous interest.