The Quality of Full Awareness

We can think we are being aware of a “something” and yet often it is a contracted or held awareness that by definition leads to faulty sensory appreciation.

Nothing and Everything

If we think of ourselves and the environment we are in being made up of an infinite number of layers – from the cellular level out to an expanding distance all around us – full awareness is of nothing (at the centre) and everything simultaneously.

In such an awareness nothing can be held and so any movement is in harmony with the whole.

Indirect Freedom

You cannot free something directly.

A tight neck or back or arm is symptomatic of specific attention/awareness and a disruption in the unified field.

We may not realise that this has happened – it is a habit that becomes habitual.

It may only show up when, after decades of poor use, pain is produced.  Once pain is present this exacerbates the problem as even more attention gets channelled in it’s direction.

The way out is in the exact opposite direction.

By becoming aware of the unified field these specific habits become clear – as we learn to trust the totality we can let go of the specifics and they fall back into the total pattern – neither more or less important than anything else – all seen in context within the whole.

With our awareness on the totality the unified field is seen to move constantly in freedom.

Positive Thinking

FM said “if you can think of something funny to make you smile, you certainly can’t give directions”

Directions are thoughts only – they are a conscious wish to promote the natural order of things in the face of unconscious habits.  They can not be forced or “done” they are like a powerful consistent undercurrent that needs tuning into.

Likewise when one is feeling negative or “down” this is simply an unconscious feeling that has arisen.  It can simply be changed with a choice to tune into the undercurrent of positivity and grace and yes humour!

Drop the weight straight to the ground

…..Not through the legs – Alison Harper during CPD Training @ AT Studio. July 16.

I have realised that the “weight” which I thought was my weight that somehow had to be supported by the ground and my legs was not real weight at all – it was faulty sensory appreciation due to excess tension.

We all hold ourselves up rather than being taken up by gravity.

In the holding comes the feeling of heaviness which we associate with.

By letting go we can finally rebalance be supported and regain our natural lightness.

Stick Man Drawing – Ankles & Neck

At my CPD yesterday Miriam Wohl ( drew a stick man drawing which I was struck by and really liked.

I had a go myself to show what we were discussing. The neck and ankles must release together to allow for a new standard of balance – as FM said “one after the other and all together”

Remembering that all the points in between should be allowed to soften with directed knees forward & hips back – the back will then lengthen and widen.

Take a look!



What is “up”?

Up is always an indirect result of directional thinking.

No matter what orientation the body is in “up” is always the same.

Like a bottle of soda – the bubbles always move up away from gravity no matter the bottles orientation.

It is a quality that can be seen and felt if allowed.

Avi Granit CPD Wolverhampton June 2016

Letting go…..idea 1!

Many come asking how do I let go of my thoughts to just be here now.  This can be practised during semi supine.

Idea 1 

Notice that thoughts come from the brain stem in a stream.

Imagine that on the inside of the head in a semi circle there is a series of coat hooks.

The thoughts stop and hang on the coat hooks. See them stopping and “hanging around”.

Now – the coat hooks are imaginery – so they can vanish – the thoughts have nothing to hang onto and disappear.

Gain traction in directing there to be nothing to catch the thoughts – they can then enter and leave quickly.