Student Comments

I came to the Technique to improve my communication with my horse during dressage competitions. Through regular lessons with Adam I have been able to improve the clarity and effectiveness of my directions and thus my overall performance. I am working towards competing in Rio 2016. – Louise
I came to the Alexander Technique to improve my posture; it is giving me this and so much more. It has dramatically improved the way I use my body. It helps me to feel lighter, yet more grounded at the same time. It is much more, for me, than an adjustment and improvement to my physical use, it is an approach to life, which facilitates me being more present and aware and fulfilled. Adam is a great teacher. He is considerate and kind, inspirational and amusing. He most definitely embodies all that the Technique is capable of delivering. – Julie
Joint Pain

I had been experiencing severe hip pain. The conventional options offered little but fortunately I was told of the Technique which could provide me with a restorative and preventative path. I started lessons with Adam and soon the pain disappeared and I discovered a new lightness about myself. I have regular lessons to keep improving and learning. – John

There is much benefit to be gained from a course of Alexander lessons. The management of long standing aches and pains, in my case right hip pain, has significantly improved my quality of life. Adam works with gentle sensitivity to encourage an increase in conscious awareness of how you use your body and encourages your own personal development of an improved efficient way of moving and being in the world. – Dorothy

I finished work and I found to my amazement that after many years of being slumped over a keyboard and telephone my shoulders had virtually crept up to my ears and my neck had disappeared. No wonder I suffered with chronic discomfort in my right arm and limited use of my right hand. The local Health Centre referred me to a physiotherapist for a short course of treatment, which I duly attended but sadly I finished without feeling much benefit. I looked around for something that I could use to help me rethink my posture and found the Alexander Technique. I contacted a local practitioner, Adam Middleditch, and took regular lessons for approx 12 months. I found the lessons very relaxing and calming.  Now I have full use of my right arm back and generally my movement has improved.  I would recommend to someone who found themselves in a similar position to look into learning about the Alexander Technique. –  Carol

 I started lessons in the Alexander Technique to help improve my posture when playing violin. The results have been amazing – I now feel like I have a greater freedom of movement and stand taller when I play. My vibrato which used to be very restricted is now improved massively in terms of control and fluidity. Additionally, I have learned to be more aware of body and mind in all aspects of life which has far reaching benefits e.g. stress reduction. – Aidan
It now feels a lot more comfortable to play the violin as I stand differently and move more naturally. I used to get pain between my shoulder blades after playing the violin for a long time but now it doesn’t happen. – Oscar
Back pain
When I was 23 something went wrong with my lower back and I struggled with it for about 3 years. I play a lot of football so I found it to be a very limiting problem. I went to doctors, physios and osteopaths but nothing worked. I became very frustrated and also worried; would my back keep getting worse and worse? I heard about the Alexander Technique and when I looked for local teachers on the internet I found Adam. I got in touch and began a course of individual lessons with him. I had a good connection with him and after a few weeks I began to notice improvements; not only was my lower back better than it had been for a long time but unexpectedly I also found that I had less tension around my neck and shoulders, and was walking taller. As the lessons continued these improvements escalated. I’m very grateful to Adam for what he has done for my back problem and would highly recommend him to anyone. – Phil
My teaching
 Adam is passionate about the technique and his enthusiasm is evident in the way he teaches – Janine
Adam is an excellent teacher who will take you through the Alexander Technique in a gentle but meaningful way.  If you have any fears or questions give it a go, I am glad I did. – Glenn
From AT workshops

The reminder of bending from the hips, highlighting the hip joints, rather than bending the back was a really useful exercise. Other really useful tips were the opening out of the arm being aware of the 4 joints and leading with the crown of the head. – Jane

I found the introduction to the technique very interesting, particularly using it to help improve our riding techniques and to be better connected to the horse. The 3 hours went really quickly even in the cold! – Nicki