Some Applications

Musculoskeletal Pain

Through simple movements and gentle guidance you learn to allow a more integrated and balanced relationship between the weight of the head, the neck and the back. It was Alexander’s discovery that this relationship is the primary determinant in the amount of effort the musculoskeletal system requires to operate in all activities.

By allowing a balance of the head on top of the spine throughout the day, undue muscular effort is released. The back regains its natural functioning.

Horse riding
Improve your way of going – and so improve your horse’s way of going.
Improve your seat and overall posture
Improve your feel and effectiveness and ride with less effort
Ride in communion with your horse
Sports – “Use affects Function”

RunningA fundamental principle of the Alexander Technique is that the way we use ourselves – how we walk, run, move with a bat/racket, throw, swim etc affects our specific and general functioning as human beings.

We all have developed patterns of use over time through practise and training – without our knowing we can develop bad habits of use that if left unchecked can cause injury and pain or simply hinder our potential.