Getting to know your skeleton is a key part of understanding how you balance in space.  It also allows for more accurate and stronger Directions.

If you have an “App” enabled device the best free one I have found is “Essential Skeleton 4” – awareness building in this way is invaluable.

Working on Yourself

Give yourself a stimulus to do something ie raise an arm

Inhibit your initial response to this stimulus and give your directions “let the neck be free, to let the head go forward and up, to let the back lengthen and widen, to let the knees go forward and away” – aware that it is the head and knees going forward which antagonistically counterbalances the back going back

Then decide to raise the arm, make another choice, like standing, or do nothing and repeat inhibiting and directing – especially if some pulling down has occurred.

Semi Supine Information
I have a 2 page document that is a handy overview of what to “do” in semi supine – please email me to get it.

Inhibition and Direction

I have a PDF small card that lays out the process of the foundation block of the Technique – please email me to get it.

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