Lengthening and directing legs procedure

The leg muscles are so strong and constantly in use that noticing habitual misuse is sporadic.

Spend 5 minutes practising awareness by:

Sitting on some books or a yoga block on a laminate wooden or slippery floor one leg outstretched.

Now practise drawing the leg towards you without doing it.

First start by sending your directions and maintaining the direction outwards to the heel – keeping the mental connection with the heel at all times.

As you draw the leg towards you the habit will shift the mind away from the heel as you “do” the action rather than “not doing” it.

Keep inhibiting and directing and only moving to the point where the mental shift happens and start again. At the beginning just a small bend of the knee will shift the mind until strengthening of inhibition and direction builds.

This isent about whether you can bend the leg!

Recognise end-gaining and start again.

In so doing you build the habit of mentally being aware of all of you from the tip of your head to the souls of your feet.