“Let the neck be free”

This is the first FM direction and the most important.

We should start here and keep coming back here before any further directions are given.

So given it’s importance a clear understanding of each word is required:

Let – As in all the directions it’s a thought only – the volition to allow – a non-doing action – becoming aware that we are not letting but holding and having become aware to stop holding and hence letting.

Neck – This is short hand for the uppermost joint in the neck – the atlanto-occipital joint (AO joint) – this is where the first bone in the neck, the atlas, meets the bone that makes up the base of the skull, the occiput. 

Free – this balancing point is not a thing – it is a no-thing – an infinite space between two bones.  It’s characteristic is freedom.  This freedom is the guiding principle behind the Primary Control – the relationship between the head and back.