The Hyoid Bone

This bone that lies level with the chin in front and C3 vertebrae behind has no joints and is attached to the rest of the torso via ligaments or muscles.  As the pivotal point of the skull is in line with the back of the ear it provides an attachment and a structure to everything lying in front – specifically the tongue and lower jaw muscles and throat – hence it’s use affecting the function of breathing, swallowing and speaking.  

So up there in importance!

So are we pulling the hyoid down? We might not think we are but that could be our default position with no feeling attached.

A good awareness exercise is to pull up the zip on a coat – so that the coat is cradling the whole neck – as one walks and moves it becomes easier to tell if pulling down at the front is a habit.

Letting go of the pull down at the front allows the head to sit back onto the spine where it is properly supported.