Pulsing is the meaning of continuous

The recognition that like the heart beating, the eyes blinking, everything is pulsing.

The mind puts everything together to create an apparent continuous happening.

The reality is that everything pulses – begins and ends in every moment.  By being aware of the reality is a great relaxation.

Inhibition and direction should be seen and applied as such – in pulses, repeatedly.

Opposition – AntiGravity – Centrifugal

These are the qualities experienced when the best relationship with the environment is attained.

Opposition – there is a gentle antagonistic pull away from the object with which you are in relationship with

Antigravity – a weightless floating yet solid experience

Centrifugal – that all parts are expanding outwards – one away from the other – as if the central point of reference is outwards

7 Corners of the Back

You have to know the outer boundaries of the back so that you can expand – lengthen and widen fully

Two sitting bones

Two hip joints

Two shoulder joints

One Atkanto-Occipital joint

Everything within this area is the BACK.