Positive Thinking

FM said “if you can think of something funny to make you smile, you certainly can’t give directions”

Directions are thoughts only – they are a conscious wish to promote the natural order of things in the face of unconscious habits.  They can not be forced or “done” they are like a powerful consistent undercurrent that needs tuning into.

Likewise when one is feeling negative or “down” this is simply an unconscious feeling that has arisen.  It can simply be changed with a choice to tune into the undercurrent of positivity and grace and yes humour!

Drop the weight straight to the ground

…..Not through the legs – Alison Harper during CPD Training @ AT Studio. July 16.

I have realised that the “weight” which I thought was my weight that somehow had to be supported by the ground and my legs was not real weight at all – it was faulty sensory appreciation due to excess tension.

We all hold ourselves up rather than being taken up by gravity.

In the holding comes the feeling of heaviness which we associate with.

By letting go we can finally rebalance be supported and regain our natural lightness.