Stick Man Drawing – Ankles & Neck

At my CPD yesterday Miriam Wohl ( drew a stick man drawing which I was struck by and really liked.

I had a go myself to show what we were discussing. The neck and ankles must release together to allow for a new standard of balance – as FM said “one after the other and all together”

Remembering that all the points in between should be allowed to soften with directed knees forward & hips back – the back will then lengthen and widen.

Take a look!



What is “up”?

Up is always an indirect result of directional thinking.

No matter what orientation the body is in “up” is always the same.

Like a bottle of soda – the bubbles always move up away from gravity no matter the bottles orientation.

It is a quality that can be seen and felt if allowed.

Avi Granit CPD Wolverhampton June 2016

The Sequence

The most important word is – Let.

Let the neck be free – this lets the head go forward and up – taking the downward pressure off the spine.

This lets the back lengthen and widen –  three dimensionally – the front the sides the back – the trunk or whole torso – from the sitting bones upwards. 

At the same time directing the legs and arms away from the torso – the whole being expanding.

In summary – the neck frees then the directions move from the base of the spine outwards.

Avi Granit CPD Wolverhampton June 2016

Letting go…..idea 1!

Many come asking how do I let go of my thoughts to just be here now.  This can be practised during semi supine.

Idea 1 

Notice that thoughts come from the brain stem in a stream.

Imagine that on the inside of the head in a semi circle there is a series of coat hooks.

The thoughts stop and hang on the coat hooks. See them stopping and “hanging around”.

Now – the coat hooks are imaginery – so they can vanish – the thoughts have nothing to hang onto and disappear.

Gain traction in directing there to be nothing to catch the thoughts – they can then enter and leave quickly.

Misdirected energy

Direction = Consciously redirecting misdirected energy and/or allowing energy to flow

Nothing is created or destroyed – it is either held back or misdirected.

Learning FM’s directions are about allowing everything to move again and slowly encouraging a more constructive, accurate and aligned expression of that energy.

Inhibition & Direction together

Inhibition is about paying attention to the moment and not succumbing to the automatic reaction – it is.not about repressing stopping or holding back the energy.

Direction is then about consciously knowing where/how this energy should flow.

This is repeated many times – I liken it to herding sheep! – it can only be done slowly slowly and with a delicate guiding motivation and keen continuous interest.

Semi-Supine make it a habit!

(Outside of a lesson) there is nothing better than this active-rest position to naturally rebalance you.

It is the habit of continually using the floor that is the key – continuity of practise is the secret of success.

It doesn’t matter if your mind wanders some – don’t be too strict with yourself to get back to the “directions” – let it build underneath any chatter – and in a natural way your attention will shift to a leg, an arm, a back and then to something else either a thought or something physical.

Consciousness IS movement.  And we want to not put the brakes on it but slowly redirect it to be more constructive.

The floor will do this – with the aid of gravity and with the direction to reduce reduce any physical/mental effort – to let go completely but to still be completely alive and aware of the totality.

If you notice that you are thinking a lot of just other things in the mind then it is caught up and fixed and you need to re-anchor yourself in the body – so simply decide to make a choice to move a leg an arm using your directions with full awareness.