The Three Widths

We fall into the trap of thinking a lot about length – the vertical plane is more obvious and habitual.

Yet Alexander’s directions were clear “to let the back lengthen and widen” both are interdependent arising.

Think of the three widths:

  • Hip joints (bottom of the spine articulation)
  • Upper arm joints (the meeting of the arms into the torso)
  • Between the ears (top of the spine articulation)

Having the full back in view.

(From CPD Training Summer 2015 – AT Studio)

The back of the arms

We must increase the awareness of the upper back and back of the arms to ensure they are used correctly and are not pulling down the front – the habit is always to pull down the front towards the stimulus.

This should leave an expansive opening across the rib cage – the non load bearing part of the torso.

The rib cage acts like a wave moving up and down – any undue tension will affect the quality and depth of breathing.