Space between bones and skin

We are a skeletal system sitting in a perfect anti-gravity suit.

For that suit to work it needs to act in totality and the muscles need to float over the bones in opposite directions.

Any time a muscle is stuck the relationship to the bone is static – the relationship needs to be continually dynamic.

Always drop the skeleton inside the muscles – this can be done by realising there is a great space between the outer extremities and the bones.  Even in areas (like the head) where it appears the skull is close to the outer edge – challenge that concept – small differences in thinking can make profound changes in use.

Time to inhibit

A nerve impulse from the brain takes one millisecond – there are 1000 milliseconds in 1 second.

With information moving that fast in order to have some traction on an automatic response pattern one needs to foster an ever evolving level of awareness – the only way to get to that level is by letting go of all “composite thinking” and to drop into presence.  

Then one is aware and ready – FM was known to quote Shakespeare “The Readiness is All”

This also means a few minutes in semi-supine is worthwhile – all depends on the ability to bring awareness to the moment.  In the beginning longer is spent lying down until the mind gives up under the continual will to come back to the moment.   Then shorter periods are sufficient.

Any issue causes an over focused pattern of thought

Any issue that we may have either physical or mental we continuously bring our attention to – it then becomes a habit of thought that can perpetuate for life – our subconscious minds keeps replaying the same story.

It is only by re asserting a unified field of awareness can this stuck energy be dissipated.  That is for the neck to be free the head to go forward and up and the back lengthen and widen with the knees going forward and away – then we can be sure we are expanded and total – and that are thinking (energy) is moving as it should and not stuck and contracted.

We become watchers of this automatic response pattern so we can quickly step in and take back conscious control.  The quicker we stop listening to the automatic stories and associating ourselves with it and instead come back to the present and give our directions the better!

The Hyoid Bone

This bone that lies level with the chin in front and C3 vertebrae behind has no joints and is attached to the rest of the torso via ligaments or muscles.  As the pivotal point of the skull is in line with the back of the ear it provides an attachment and a structure to everything lying in front – specifically the tongue and lower jaw muscles and throat – hence it’s use affecting the function of breathing, swallowing and speaking.  

So up there in importance!

So are we pulling the hyoid down? We might not think we are but that could be our default position with no feeling attached.

A good awareness exercise is to pull up the zip on a coat – so that the coat is cradling the whole neck – as one walks and moves it becomes easier to tell if pulling down at the front is a habit.

Letting go of the pull down at the front allows the head to sit back onto the spine where it is properly supported.

Why primary?

More awareness means we start to notice that the head-neck-back relationship isent primary – it’s secondary!

All the senses pull us away from our centre and disturb this relationship if we react to them.

Unconscious or negative thinking has the same effect – a pull (always downwards) as muscles freeze in the moment on a fixed idea or thought.

When we stop reacting to stimulus then naturally our attention builds on our core balance – it is primary – and in so doing everything flows and happens more congruently with what is – right now.

Redirection of energies

“It is not the degree of ‘willing’ or ‘trying’, but the way in which the energy is directed, that is going to make the ‘willing’ or ‘trying’ effective.”- F.M.

It is worth practising redirecting energy differently to the habitual pattern – learning to do something that isent usual for you is a perfect way to uncover habitual energies.

By practising changing energy directions – one can consciously direct energy constructively.

Many people practise learning to write with the opposite hand to usual.

You could also learn something that hasent worked for you in the past – whether learning a language or drawing – I had a go at this!Redirection