Pushing down doesn’t allow the up

A continuous awareness that the physical/mental effort to stand and to move lessens.  

Any undue effort is in the direction down and so is counterproductive to allowing the natural up. 

This extra effort shortens and tightens the muscles unnecessarily – and so interferes with the Primary Control.

The feeling is that extra effort isent being made because it has become habituated – one continues to do what one has always done.

Only through complete attention on the means whereby in the moment- that one is balancing and not doing something like sitting and standing – and thinking rather than relying on habituated feelings – can a new experience be allowed.

Balance can only be total

FM said “one after the other and all together” when explaining the directions.

We can not free a specific area unless we free up all other areas in a total pattern awareness.

If we do manage to get more freedom in one area without this total integration we must compromise ourselves somewhere else to stay upright!

Awareness from the soles of the feet up the back to the tip of the forehead – keeping the structure length and width in view.

Where is my upper (thoracic) back?

From CPD 30th Jan 2016 – Thanks Di!

Where the upper back touches the ground in semi supine is not the back.

It is the outer side of the spine – the spinous process.Spinous Process

We are interested in the centre – a good bit further in – you are balanced around that point.

Notice how the direction of the Thoracic Vertebra is Downwards – do you have a habit of picking up your spinous process?

The Direction downwards is counterbalanced by the head rotating forward and up on top of the spine.