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Alexander Technique Logo SignThe Alexander Technique is taught.  I hold private individual lessons at the Gaia Centre in Loughborough.

In a lesson we use the Technique to refocus our attention on the self.

In so doing we become aware of many mental and physical habits that we had become attached to and that were not serving us well.

As the use of the Technique grows it gets taken out of the lesson and into everyday life.  Then routine activities become interesting and difficult situations become less so.  Things get easier and muscles relax – the techniques direction is to one of stress free living.

The technique can help you do anything better.

Come along for an introductory lesson.

What is the Alexander Technique?

FM Alexander
FM Alexander

The Alexander Technique is a tool by which we learn more about ourselves – about the ways in which we move and think. During a lesson we explore our reactions to simple activities like standing, sitting, speaking, reading, reaching out and walking and in this way we observe our individual habitual patterns of use.

The Technique helps us first to see these patterns and then how they affect us. It becomes clear that often a pattern of use is not serving us well and is affecting the overall and specific health of the body. The Technique then gives us a means whereby we can begin a process of change through observation and thinking rather than by force or by any type of exercise Thus the change is harmonious with the whole body and the musculoskeletal system starts working as a unit – we learn to operate in a more natural, efficient and effective way.

Who is it for?

Anyone of any age who wishes to improve their use. Some come to the Technique for any type of musculoskeletal pain such as bad backs, RSI others because they wish to enhance their performance during an activity – i.e horse riding, runners, swimmers, singing, playing a musical instrumnet, acting.

By becoming more conscious of the working mechanism of your musculoskeletal system you can operate more efficiently and effectively with less strain and effort

Blog posts

Please note that the posts on this site are for informational purposes only to complement those having Alexander Technique lessons from a STAT qualified teacher.